Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Amanda June made her way down to Nashville to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter & to develop herself as an artist. Amanda has been singing since she could talk and picked up the acoustic guitar around the age of 14 after learning the piano. Influenced by singer/songwriters of all genres, she knew Nashville was where she needed to be and at 18 years young she took the leap and moved out on her own in 2013. Amanda started playing as many shows & writers rounds around town as she made herself a familiar face. Cole & Amanda met in Feb. 2014 and soon became inseparable playing almost every show together from then on out. In 2016 The Lovers was formed. After serving at multiple different restaurants and never being satisfied, she's now a full time musician touring most of the year, and playing in Nashville when back in town. In addition to performing she also books and manages The Lovers duo. 

 "Her music stands out among most in the sense that it's music with passion, soul and written from personal experience. With a down-to-earth sensibility and a smooth, sweet voice, Amanda's style blends perfectly with that of Cole Vosbury, a fellow artist who also heard Nashville calling his name."


                                                                                           You may recognize Cole from Season 5 of NBC's The Voice in 2013. Cole, a Louisiana native, has been staying busy since then, playing shows frequently and collaborating with other artists, such as Amanda June. Cole has been playing music most of his life. He has been perfecting his craft of guitar for 12 years and playing music for a living since age 17. Cole's style stands out among others, his soulful, intriguing and gravelly voice compliments his blues, rock, country influenced playing on guitar. After having success in his hometown playing piano bars and bar gigs with his band,  he auditioned for The Voice and while on Blake Shelton's team he placed Top 4. He went on to lay roots in Nashville while he traveled around the country to play shows with the help of William Morris Endeavor. While traveling and co-writing the past few years with Amanda June they decided to work on a duo project.

"The way Amanda and Cole play together is seamless, each artist's voice complementing the other's wonderfully, with no solo or break feeling forced or unnatural– a feat that few artist collaborations can boast. With a simple, beautiful melody accompanied by calm and elegant acoustic guitar arrangements to playing with a band. They won't be stopping their journey anytime soon and plan to put out a full length album."